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3G fall detector information

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The 3G fall detector SOS device can go almost anywhere knowing help is just a button press away.  Its perfect for seniors living at home who may not have a landline.

It is a stylish pendant uses the same cellular phone technology as a mobile phone. Using the Telstra 3G or Optus network with inbuilt GPS tracking, the pendant calls your 5 emergency contacts. At the same time, it sends 5 help messages via text with a link to Google Maps showing the pendant’s user’s location.

When one of the emergency contacts answers, the wearer is able to talk hands-free through the waterproof pendant. Anyone who knows the mobile number of the pendant can call it and it will answer in speakerphone mode. To end the emergency calls the first answered call press’s 1 on their handset. Or the wearer can press the sos button.

Main featuressoss

  • Compatible with the  3G mobile Telstra or Optus network,  coverage (covering 96% of Australia).
  •  GPS technology with Google maps.
  • Fall detector is waterproof, very comfortable and weighs the same as three 20c pieces.
  • Fall detector has a 2-way voice communication with easy to hear audio.
  • Fall detector can be programmed to call a certain number at anytime.
  • Charges in 3 hours in the docking  station.
  • Price includes device , programming of all numbers required , docking station, cord, charger etc plus blank SIM card installed and delivery.
  • Offers fall detection wearer doesn’t need to be conscious to send alert to family or friends. Device detects angle and sudden motion halt.

We programme the GPS fall detector with your 5 chosen numbers.

We are a NDIS approved provider


What’s included with your purchase

The 3G Fall detector , free programming, docking station, power supply, USB cable, lanyard, postage, printed booklet.


1. Mini sized, Weather-proof IP67, Rubber handle paint, feels comfortable.
2. Device can be charged by docking station and micro USB
3. Real time tracking by GPS satellite.
4. Secondary Real time tracking by Cell Locate, location based on the cellular network, users are able to track in shielded environments such as indoors.
5. Super lightweight.
6. Fall detection for children and elderly.
7. With rechargeable 900mah Lithium battery. Standby time: 3-30days (setting dependant)
8. Built-in 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm and power management.
9. Voice monitoring
10. Two way Voice communication.(high quality sounds and hands free volume sound)
11. Built in 8MB flash memory.
12. Reply map link of current position.
13. SOS emergency button.
14. Geo-fencing alarm, Over speed alarm.
15. Movement alarm.
16. U-blox GPS technology.
17. Certified with RCM, CE, Rohs and SAR  Certifications plus waterproof IPX67