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Learn more about 3G Fall Detector

What is the 3G Fall Detector?

This is a personal mobile alarm that is used as an aid to keeping your independence whilst providing peace of mind to you and your loved ones. You can take this alarm with you everywhere, similar to a prepaid mobile phone, but more discreet and without the complications. When activated, using the 3G Mobile network, it will alert your loved ones that you need help.

Who should have one?

The 3G Fall Detector is a handy device for all walks of life. You will live your life with the peace of mind, knowing that help is only a button press away. It is also a fantastic device for shift workers, people working at night or alone, property managers and anyone that wants the security of a cost effective and easy to use personal mobile alarm.

How does it work and what happens when the alarm goes off?

When you need help in an emergency, simply either press the SOS button, or if you have a serious fall, the alarm will activate on its own. It will text all listed mobile numbers (you can have up to 5 contacts) your GPS location on a google map, as well as calling each number in sequence. It then opens two way communication for you to alert your loved ones of your situation. If you are unconscious the text messages are there to alert the contacts of where you are.

How will my contacts know if I need help?

When the alarm is activated, your listed contacts will receive a text message with your name and a help me request as well as your GPS location on a google map link with a pin drop. The calling sequence will then begin and they will receive a phone call and can talk to you through the device.

What if I set it off by accident?

If you have a false alarm, that is ok. You can stop the calling sequence by simply pressing the SOS button again. If the device has reached a contact already, they can press 1 on their keypad to stop it, or you can press the SOS button to end the call.

What does my Contact do when they receive my alert?

As above, you can either press the SOS button again or the receiver of the call can press 1 on their keypad to stop the dialing sequence.

Are you a monitoring service?

Medi Alarm is not a monitoring service. Our device calls your contacts directly. You can also list 000 on the 3G Fall Detector if you wish, and most clients list this last. It is a good idea to also work out your own emergency plan with your listed contacts that they can also call 000 on your behalf if you are unconscious. By not paying high fees to a monitoring service (who would only call your family and friends and 000 anyway) you are able to save money whilst also enjoying your freedom by not being locked into contracts.

Does it use a Mobile Phone Network?

The 3G Fall Detector is similar to a prepaid mobile phone in that it uses a sim card and works where a mobile phone would. We use and recommend the AldiMobile sim as it has the Telstra Coverage, but the low cost of AldiMobile. We recommend the $15 AldiMobile PAYG (pay as you go) option as this is more than efficient if the device is being used for emergencies only. Please see table below for the breakdown of typical costings.

Can I change the numbers?

Yes, anyone with a mobile phone can change or adjust the settings very easily by sending the device a text message with a listed command prompt from the manual. Your device comes preprogrammed as a courtesy. Please read your instructions initially before using the device. If you need help with changes, please consult your manual and for anything else, please contact our Tech on 0434 093 118 during business hours EST.

Can I have 000?

Yes, your 3G Fall Detector can have a maximum of 5 contacts, you can include 000 if you wish, most people have this last in case of a false alarm. Please be aware that only mobile numbers will receive the help text and GPS location.

Is it Waterproof?

Yes, your 3G Fall Detector is water resistant, you can wear it in the shower or if you get caught in the rain. It cannot be immersed in a pool or the ocean or bath etc.

How big is it?

The 3G Fall Detector is a stylish discreet matt black pendant that is very comfortable to wear. It has the weight of 3 x 20cent coins and fits in the palm of your hand and is 35grams. It comes supplied with a lanyard, or you can thread it onto a necklace or belt buckle or even a keyring if you prefer. Ask us about our bonus armband offer!

How does the Fall Detection work?

The built in fall detector detects a sudden change in angle, motion and thud. The device will then activate and start the alarm sequence. If this is set off accidently as a false alarm, it is easy to stop by simply pressing the SOS button. This feature is very handy as it has 9 different settings, with 1 being very very sensitive, up to a 9 which is more relaxed. We usually program at a 3 for you but again, this can be changed.

How do I set up the SIM card?

Every 3G Fall Detector comes with a supplied AldiMobile SIM card that has already been installed in the device for you.

How do I install this device?

There is no installation necessary! Everything is done in our office and you only need to simply plug the docking station into a powerpoint. We recommend putting the docking station on your bedside table.

How do I know how much credit I have left?

Upon purchase, we create an AldiMobile account for you where you or your loved ones can login online to check the balance on the AldiMobile website, or through the AldiMobile free smartphone app or you can phone the AldiMobile contact centre. We provide login instructions of this upon confirmation. It is a good idea to also give these details to your listed contacts so that they can help you keep track of your balance.

How long will the battery last?

You can usually get 2-3 days but it depends on your activity levels as the GPS is constantly updating the sattellite. Most clients feel comfortable with putting the docking station next to their bed so that it is easily accessible. It only takes an initial 3 hours to charge when you first get it, and then usually 45mins to do a full charge thereafter.

I’m worried that the battery would go flat and I wouldn’t know?

The 3G Fall Detector can be programmed with a low battery indicator so that it sends the listed contacts a text message automatically if the battery falls below 15%. To do this you would text the device LOW1 and to turn off LOW0.

What happens if the listed contacts have voicemail enabled?

The 3G Fall Detector will keep dialing each number until either the user presses the SOS button again or the receiver of the call presses 1 on their phone to end the sequence- this tells the device that it has done its job. Some voicemails can be up to 5minutes in length and it is a good idea to either shorten your voicemail by speaking to your phone provider, or have voice to text or even consider switching off voicemail if you are very worried.

Can people call me through my pendant and can I call out even if it’s not an emergency?

Yes, anyone that knows the mobile number of your pendant can call you and it will answer automatically and this will be charged like a normal mobile phone call paid by them. You can dial out if you wish but we do not recommend this as it will use your $15 prepaid credit if you are using it often. If you want to use the speed dial feature, you just press the sidetalk button on the top left of the pendant (it has a little phone symbol) and this will automatically dial Contact 2 by default and this will charge you 12c per minute.

Do you charge any ongoing fees or subscriptions or contracts?

No! You own the device outright! You only need to add the AldiMobile $15 PAYG (pay as you go) prepaid credit which has an expiry of 12 months.

How is it delivered?

We utilize Australia Post Express Post yellow parcel satchels. We include this as a part of our great offer.

How long until I get my device?

If you are within the Australia Post network, once your order has been finalized and posted, it should only be a few business days.

I still need help as my question was not answered

Please phone us on 0434 093 118 during business hours or email info@medialarm.com.au