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Medi alarm information

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The Medi Alarm is an easy-to-installĀ  medical alert system. In an emergency a user pushes the help button on the waterproof necklace/fob or wrist button that they wear. Sharing the home phone line, the system automatically calls up to three phones of family or friends that can assist them.


  • Instantly calls up to 3 friends or family at the press of a button!
  • Comes with one waterproof necklace and one wrist band that is not waterproof.home medical alarm
  • Hands free two-way communication available through the alarm unit.
  • The alarm will keep calling until a real person answers the help call.
  • Free programming on the medi alarm.
  • NBN compatible.
  • No contracts or monitoring or service fees ever need to be paid.
  • 12 month warranty and ongoing support if needed.

Whats included in your box

Medi alarm base , 2 pendants (1 waterproof fob necklace and non waterproof wrist band), telephone line and splitter, power cable and usb cord, instructions via email.



Medi alarm is for inside and around the house only, 50 metre radius, comes with a waterproof necklace and splashproof wrist band.