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4G Fall Detector Pro

**NEW** The Medi Alarm Pro 4G can actually operate on either the 3G or 4G/LTE bands. With this alarm you are assured the best coverage possible. This is the only true 4G Personal Alarm, beware the claims of other businesses. We have been in the industry for 15 years.

The Medi Alarm Pro 4G Fall Detector SOS Pendant has new features including an  LCD display, bigger battery,  more programmable contacts, volume control, user selectable 2 way call feature and more audio alerts in addition to keeping all the other features of the 3G Fall Detector.

In an emergency, the user can press the SOS button on the device. By doing so, the device will inform up to 8 contacts of the emergency and send each mobile contact a SOS text message with a GPS Google map of the users location. The device will also call each number one at a time until a contact answers the call. The user can then talk hands-free to the contact.

The device will work anywhere there is GPS signal and 4G (as well as 3G). The user can live life as they would normally knowing they have help at hand if needed.

In the event of a serious fall, the Medi Alarm Pro 4G will activate and send text messages with the users location to all the contacts and then telephone them one at a time… just as if the SOS button had been manually pressed . Emergency 000 can be programmed as one of the contacts if needed.

If the user does not have GPS signal, for example they are in an underground car park, but they still have mobile coverage, the user will still be able to use the SOS button and talk with a contact to obtain help even with no GPS signal. This is dual layer protection and a feature of the device.

The LCD display will always appears the correct way up no matter how the user holds up the device. The Display show initialisation upon startup, battery level, charging indicator and signal strength.

The user can also telephone any of the up to 8 contacts in a non-emergency situation. Contacts are selectable. The audio quality of the Medi Alarm Pro 4G is every bit as good compared to any mobile phone. Volume is adjustable.

A totally wireless charger is available.

We include an ALDImobile SIM card valued at $5 (operates on the Telstra network). We will program the device fully with your contact numbers and then load $15 of credit onto the SIM. This is enough credit for most users for 1 year with occasional use. We will direct you to the Aldi Mobile App that will enable you to monitor credit and top up when needed.

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How does the 4G Fall Detector work?

Medi Alarm Mobile Alarm with Fall Detector, FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING, Order Today: 1300 665 322

Main Features:

  • Compatible with the 4G mobile Telstra network.
  • GPS tracking using Google Maps.
  • Waterproof, comfortable and light weight.
  • 2-way voice communication with easy to hear audio and volume adjust.
  • Can call contacts number at any time.
  • 45 minute charge time in the provided docking station (generally charge once a day).
  • NDIS Approved Provider
  • The user doesn’t need to be conscious as the device detects a fall through an angle and motion sensor.

What’s included?

4G Fall Detector Pendant, Programming, Docking Station, Power Supply, USB Cable, Lanyard, Express Postage, Instruction Booklet and Ongoing support. Ask us about our totally wireless charger!


  1. Weather-proof IP67.
  2. Can be charged in the docking station or USB cable.
  3. Real-time tracking by GPS satellite.
  4. Secondary Real-time tracking by Cell Locate on the cellular network, where users are able to track in shielded environment including indoors.
  5. Lightweight.
  6. Comes with a rechargeable 1000mah Lithium battery.
  7. Standby time: 3 days (setting dependant).
  8. Built-in 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm and power management.
  9. Voice monitoring.
  10. High quality adjustale audio and hands-free volume.
  11. Built-in OLED display.
  12. SOS emergency button.
  13. Geo-fencing alarm, Over Speed alarm and Movement alarm.
  14. U-blox GPS technology.
  15. Certified with RCM Certification.

Warranty on the 4G Fall Detector SOS Pendant Device:

The 4G Fall Detector SOS Pendant Device is covered by a 12-month warranty. This covers normal usage of the product and does not cover any miss use of the equipment whatsoever. Physical damage, misuse, lightning damage, high voltage transient damage, or battery replacement are not covered under the terms of this warranty.

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