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What is a Medi Alarm?

Medi Alarm is a medical alert alarm device that allows you to call for help if you suffer a fall, can’t get up or find yourself in an emergency situation.

Are there any monthly fees associated with the Medi Alarm?

Medi Alarm simply uses your telephone line to dial out and alert family and friends with a message when you need help.

Is Medi Alarm difficult to install?

Medi Alarm is very simple to install.  Just plug in the power cord and the phone jack.  There are no tools required.  It comes with easy to follow instructions that will show you how to record your help message.

How does the product work?

In an emergency, simply push the button on the wearable fob or wrist alarm unit and the Base Unit will dial your telephone contacts.  The unit will play the pre-recorded message (something like ‘Mum needs help’) until someone answers the call for help.  The Medi Alarm knows the difference between a human voice and a voice mail message and will continue to call if contacting a message bank.

Do you have to be near a base unit to use the Medi Alarm?

The Base Unit will work up to 50m away

What if the power goes out in the home?

The Base Unit has a battery backup.  The user is required to supply 4 ‘AAA’ batteries.  Please note, if connected via the NBN, your NBN service may or may not be also down.  If there is no active NBN connection, the Medi Alarm will not work.

Can I programme 000 into the Medi Alarm?

No.  If you have ever telephoned 000, you will know that sometimes you get connected to a computer-operated feature that requires speaking or activity on your phone keypad.  Medi Alarm can’t perform these required operations.

What numbers do I add on the Medi Alarm?

Anyone you want to.  It is good if your contacts have their mobile phone with them or are nearly always around a landline phone.  These nominated contacts are the people nominated by you that Medi Alarm will call when the fob or wrist button is pushed.  They should be people that know you and can assist if you require help.

Warranty on the home use Medi Alarm

The Medi alarm is covered by a 12-month warranty. This covers normal usage of the product and does not cover any misuse of the equipment whatsoever. Physical damage, misuse, lightning damage, high voltage transient damage, or battery replacement are not covered under the terms of this warranty.