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Product Description

The 3G fall detector SOS  is a waterproof and go anywhere device, with a two-way communicator built in. You are able to talk through the pendant and have a conversation with the wearer. Offering GPS tracking/notification…our 3G Fall Detector GPS enables loved ones to know where family members are that they care about. The unit has Australia wide coverage, working from the Telstra or /Optus network with a prepaid SIM card . Once you activate your SIM card choose your pay as you go plan and add credit , you’ll be given a mobile number. You then send sms messages from another mobile to the new number and proceed to programme. The device will alert up to 5 people sending text messages with your google map location. Fall detection is another feature of this device (working on the angle and impact), the device can detect a fall. This event sends a call to loved ones as well as text message you’ve fallen with your location . The user doesn’t need to be alert , once fallen the person wearing the device has a short time to deactivate the SOS , if it is not de-activated by the wearer it will go into SOS mode and start to alert the chosen numbers.  It comes with its own docking station to charge up every night. Typical battery life is 2-3 days however customising the GPS programming the battery can last up to 30 days standby time. Medialarm can offer help with your programming just send us an email with your details and our consultants will do the rest. Making that much easier for the wearer . Device can be supplied with a laynard.


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