MEDI MANAGER pill dispenser

2 Simple Buttons

Sends a text with GPS location and calls your contacts one by one until someone answers.

Up to 8 Contacts

Sends a text with GPS location and calls your contacts one by one until someone answers.

2-way communication

Experience crystal clear sound from the one touch SOS Button.

"Medi alarm was a god send when we needed one for my mother in law after she had fallen down the stairs one evening and laid there with a broken hip for over 4 hours on the cold tiles."
Why Medi Alarm?

#1 provider to aged care organisations

Our Australian owned business has established a trusted reputation in the industry. Our friendly team will go the extra mile to provide you with any technical support you may require from our Victorian-based customer service centre.

Auto Fall Detection

IP67 Water Resistant

SIM Plans for $70/year

12 Month Warranty

The Medi Alarm Difference

The Medi Alarm PRO 4G Fall Detector is a 4G network personal mobile alarm that is used as an aid to secure your independence, whilst providing peace of mind to you and your loved ones. You can take this alarm with you everywhere, similar to a prepaid mobile phone, but more discreet and without the complications. When activated, using the 4G mobile network, it will alert your loved ones that you need help. If you drop out of 4G and into a 3G zone, this alarm will still work.

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How the Medi Alarm WiFi Automatic Pill Dispenser changed the lives of five customers.

Medication adherence is a crucial aspect of managing chronic illnesses, but it can be challenging to keep track of multiple medications, doses, and schedules...

What is a Fall Detector Alarm?

Emergencies can happen suddenly and without warning. This is especially the case for the elderly. This is why automatic fall detection technology is so invaluable...

How to know if you need an emergency alert device

An emergency alert device can be used by a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. That’s the really great part about our emergency alarm. It’s features make the device extremely versatile, which means as a company we can help keep a wide range of people safe.

Why Did You Choose Medi Alarm?

One of the things I’ve learnt as I get older is how easy it is to fall down and how hard it is to get back up on my feet. I’ve had a few falls and I’ve been very fortunate that I haven’t broken any bones. My wife hasn’t been so lucky. I came home to find her on the floor. She had been there for...

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