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Hi Paula, I purchased a Medi Alarm for myself being in my late 80’s. I have a bit of confidence now to get back out to the garden.
Maureen Daly
N.S.W Coast
Recently had a fall where he was on the floor for 3 days before anyone knew. Now he has a fall detector pendant which alerts his family/friends. My sister and me have had a big load taken away knowing Dad now has the Medi Alarm.
Philip Rivers
I am a 87 year old widow living alone. I purchased my GPS SOS for security reasons mainly. I have not had to use it yet, however my family has tested it and they are very happy with the device.
Norma Hogan
Thank you Paula, I am liking this so much. D
Doris Bellows
Dad has taken to the Fall Detector Alarm very well. For someone who was so ‘anti’ getting something like this, it is so good to see. Being able to call him on it just to check in if we know he is doing something is a great feature also.
Martin B
My Son has been pushing for me to get a Medi Alarm for just around the home because I am always with someone when I go out. I am lucky to have him because I had to use it today and I have no idea what would of happened if I did not have it. I will tell everyone.
P Black
Brisbane, QLD
Paula, Thank you for your quick help changing the phone numbers in my Fall Detector. Will be in touch soon as there are a few residents here who want one too.
L Greenfield
Hello Paula, My wife is has been getting worse in so many areas of health in recent months… but as I told you, she refuses to stop doing things and slow down a bit. The SOS has taken a bit of worry away from me when I am out for an hour or so a few times a week. If she needs help, I know she can get me on it. You were 100% right with all you said about the SOS. So glad I got it for her.
Peter Rubb
…” Very impressed and can’t believe what the Alarm can do for something so small. Mum was worried about the weight of it hanging around her neck”…. neck problems
T Teske
Perth, WA
Paula, The fall detection worked today for real. I was straight away over there. She had fallen but is fine now. It worked. I did forget to say many thanks for the programming. Sharon
Sharon Anderson
Sydney, NSW
Hi Paula, I need to say thank you so many times to you. My Mum was able to call me on the GPS Fall Alarm today when she could not get out of the bathroom. The door is too close to the screen and she lets things pile up that jammed the door. She used the telephone button and not the SOS button and it rang straight through she said. It was as clear to talk with her as my mobile phone. I went around and sorted it all out. I wish she used the SOS button as the neighbour was home and he is programmed as you know. He would have beaten me getting there. Thanks for all the help again Cheers Ann
Ann Smith
“Worked as it should” “an amazing device” (3G SOS Fall Detector) Thanks Judy
Judy Foster
Toowoomba, QLD
Dear Medi Alarm, “What a worry off my mind. We ordered online late last week and they were here Monday. So glad we got both alarms for Mum and Dad. Each is fully covered no matter who goes out. ” Kind regards Deanne Locke
D Locke
Brisbane, QLD
Dear Paula, “Thank you again for all your work in getting these set up for us. We have them now at the front counter for those that go out and the response has been very positive so far” Thanks again Jenny