What is Medi Alarm's Optional 24/7 Monitoring?

Answering a Medi Alarm emergency call from a loved one is a big responsibility. There is a chance you could miss that call when life gets in the way, if you are at work, asleep or just away from your phone. 

Our Medi Alarm 24/7 Monitoring team can answer the emergency call anytime, day or night. You can rest assured, knowing your loved ones can get help when they need it, as soon as possible. Our team will stay on the phone with them until help arrives and contact family, friends or 000, depending on the situation.

  • The emergency call will be answered by our friendly team.
  • Our team will get help, and stay on the call with your loved one until help arrives.
  • Never pay for Telstra credit when you have a monitoring subscription.

How does it work?

If SOS button is pressed or a fall is detected the Medi Alarm will:

  • Call our Australian 24/7 Monitoring team
  • Monitoring team will call 000 and relay relevant medical info
  • Our team stays on the phone until paramedics arrive
  • We notify your choice of 3 emergency contacts
  • No lock in contract
  • FREE Telstra sim subscription

Who needs 24/7 monitoring?

Ensure your loved one gets immediate access to the help they need, even when you’re in a business meeting, putting the kids in the bath, or fast asleep.

  • Parents of young children
  • Career driven families
  • Primary care givers
  • Business owners

24/7 alarm monitoring is an excellent choice for families who lead busy lives. Maybe you spend your entire day in one business meeting after the other? Or maybe you’re already responsible for family members who are dependent on you.

Our 24/7 monitoring service will allow you to continue going about your normal schedule.

Our team will pick up the phone when the SOS message is triggered, and respond accordingly to the situation. We will call 000 for you, alert the contacts of your choosing, and advise the emergency responders of any relevant medical information you have provided us with.

24/7 Monitoring Pricing


per month

Monthly Subscription


per year

Yearly Subscription

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