Our clients purchase our fall alarms for a wide variety of reasons. Some purchase the fall alarms for elderly family members after a significant fall event. Others are purchased by the clients for themselves. Today, one of our clients, Ron Coffey, is sitting down to discuss with us why he purchased a fall alarm and why he chose Medi Alarm.


What Made You Decide to Purchase a Fall Alarm?

One of the things I’ve learnt as I get older is how easy it is to fall down and how hard it is to get back up on my feet.

I’ve had a few falls and I’ve been very fortunate that I haven’t broken any bones. My wife hasn’t been so lucky. I came home to find her on the floor. She had been there for about 3 hours. She broke her left elbow. Recovery has been a long process, because she is stroke survivor.

Her fall is what pushed me to get a personal alarm.

Why Did You Choose Medi Alarm in Particular?

I chose the Medi Alarm because it self activates, and I don’t have to press a button.  It has a GPS locator so that my family knows where I am it’s activated.

It’s quite inexpensive for what it does, and there are no monthly rental fees.

Medi Alarm fall alarms are 2-way, hands free communication devices with crystal clear sound. It offers automatic fall detection for all users. And they work anywhere, not just at home, so you can still get help if you have a fall while shopping or on a walk.

The fall device never runs out of credit for calls or texts and the team at Medi Alarm can pre-program the device with your chosen emergency contacts, making it easy and simple for you. Medi Alarm also offers ongoing customer support to answer all your questions.

What Has Your Experience Been Like with Medi Alarm?

I fell over and landed on my back at home recently. Within 30 seconds the alarm called my daughter, my son, and two of my grandsons. I eventually got myself back up, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be okay.

Each Medi Alarm device is fitted with an SOS button. If the button is pressed or a fall is detected, Medi Alarm will call your choice of contact (you can program up to eight contact into the device). The device will call each contact until someone answers. The device will also send a text message to each of your contacts with your GPS location. This makes it easier to locate the user in the event of a fall and prevent further injury.

Emergency Contacts

We can program your emergency contacts into the device before dispatch if you fill out the form after checkout. Alternatively we can do this for you over the phone, after it arrives, by remotely accessing your Medi Alarm to update your emergency contacts.

What Would You Say to Someone Considering Purchasing a Medi Alarm Fall Alarm?

I believe that anybody who lives on their own, works on farms, goes fishing, shooting, bushwalking, should buy this device. Do it now, as tomorrow may be too late.

Medi Alarm is the best personal alarm on the market for women, lone workers, and security teams. They are used across Australia because of their inbuilt GPS monitoring and fall detection technology. Medi Alarm fall alarms send your GPS location in a text message to each of your programmed contacts in the event of a fall. It will also call each contact in order, on repeat, until someone picks up. If the device detects a fall it will automatically activate an SOS response when the alarm detects a fall. The device is also water resistant, meaning it will still operate in the rain or while in the shower.

The Medi Alarm device can be programmed with up to 8 contacts of your choosing. These can be family, friends, and even your own personal security team. We suggest you don’t programme your device with emergency numbers like 000. If you fall and hit your head, and become unconscious, 000 will not be able to find you, and 000 does not receive text message notifications. Instead, we suggest you programme in friends, family, co workers, personal security teams, or even the Medi Alarm 24/7 monitoring team who can answer the device SOS call and who can contact 000 emergency services as needed.

Is There Anything Else You’d Like to Say?

I believe [the risk of falls] is a community project that we can all be involved in by talking to our families, friends, neighbours, carers, and work colleagues about the risks of falls.

I am happy to talk to anyone about my experiences with the Medi Alarm. I am not paid to promote this device by Medi Alarm or anyone else. I am an extremely happy and satisfied customer.

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