An emergency alert device can be used by a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons.

That’s the really great part about our emergency alarm. It’s features make the device extremely versatile, which means as a company we can help keep a wide range of people safe.

The features of our Medi Alarm PRO 4G make it ideal for creating peace of mind in a wide variety of different personal and professional circumstances.

  • Programmed with 8 emergency contacts
  • Sends GPS text message in emergency
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring
  • In built fall detection technology
  • Telstra sim card subscription means you’ll never lose credit


Who can use an emergency alert device

One of the best features of our Medi Alarm is that it will function no matter where you are. It doesn’t need to be within a certain range of a base unit.

The medical alarm uses the 4G network to operate, which means that you can use it when you’re at home, at work, at the gym, doing the shopping, or taking the dog for a walk.

That means that our emergency alert device can be used by almost anyone who needs immediate access to emergency help.

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Medical alarm for the elderly

The most common use for the Medi Alarm is to provide peace of mind to elderly members of the community and their families.

The Medi Alarm provides immediate contact to emergency help whenever the wearer needs it.

The easy use nature of a medical alarm means that our elderly customers don’t need to worry about familiarising themselves with new technology.

All they have to do is press the button, and they are immediately connected to the help they need.

Our Medi Alarm PRO 4G can be worn around the neck on a lanyard, at the belt on a belt clip, or like a watch with our wristband.

In the event that the wearer falls and is unable to press the button, the device will automatically trigger and begin to call through the programmed emergency contacts.

This technology has provided invaluable peace of mind to families, as well as allowing elderly people to maintain their autonomy.

image security

Emergency alert device for security

Security teams have been investing in emergency alert devices more and more recently.

The easy to use device allows security guards to quickly call for help by pressing a single button.

Our friendly tech support team can disable the inbuilt fall detection, so that the alarm is not triggered when security guards are moving around.

The one thing that security teams have found incredibly valuable is that the Medi Alarm can be programmed to what is called “listen in mode”.

The “listen in mode” disables the ability for the person picking up the phone to communicate to the person calling for help. In effect, it disables the speaker so that nothing the emergency contact says can be heard by anyone near the alarm.

The alarm will normally beep to signal that the emergency alert device has been activated. This function can also be disabled, in order to turn the device into a silent alarm.

This means that anybody who is around will not know that the alarm has been triggered, and the security team can still listen to what is happening.

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Precaution for late hours businesses

A lot of late night workers have benefited greatly from our emergency alert device.

Our medical alarm offers crystal clear communication between the person pressing the alarm button and the person picking up the phone.

This has offered considerable assurance to a lot of high risk jobs. The Medi Alarm allows tradesmen and contractors to quickly get help if an accident occurs on a work site.

The best part is that when the alarm is activated, you still have a ten second period to cancel the alarm.

So, if you accidentally press the alarm while working, you can still stop the emergency alert from being sent out.


Where can I get an emergency alert device?

We recommend the Medi Alarm PRO 4G over all other devices on the market at the moment.

The Medi Alarm offers a range of features that will benefit both individuals and businesses.

  • Monitors your safety ANYWHERE you go
  • Programmed with up to 8 emergency contacts
  • Alarm triggers a text message with GPS location to all contacts
  • Operates on the 4G network
  • Comes with Telstra sim subscription so you never forget to recharge your credit
  • Outstanding after sales care and tech support available five days a week


You can purchase the Medi Alarm PRO 4G from our website today, or give our friendly team a call to discuss your options.

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