Emergencies can happen suddenly and without warning. This is especially the case for the elderly. This is why automatic fall detection technology is so invaluable. This life-saving medical alert system can help in the case where a patient can’t press a help button after a fall or during a medical emergency. Today we are going to discuss what a fall detector alarm is and why it is so invaluable for your family. Especially for our older family members.

What is a Fall Detector Alarm?

fall detector alarm or personal fall alarm is a small device that detects when a person falls. The device automatically employs technology to detect and get fast assistance in the event of a fall. It also allows the user to summon help without the need to press a button. They can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. Fall detector alarms are ideal for those with limited mobility, those with disabilities, people discharged from hospital who require additional support, those working alone, and people with medical conditions like epilepsy or diabetes. But they are especially useful for the elderly.



An automatic fall alarm for the elderly ensures that your loved one is protected at all times, allowing you to locate them after a fall. Bed sensors for the elderly are popular, but they can only detect a fall from bed. Fall alarms can detect a fall whenever it happens, at home or out and about. Even in parking garages!

How Does a Fall Detector Work?

A fall monitor uses accelerometers to detect a fall. These are a type of low power radio wave technology sensor that monitors the movements of the user. State of the art automatic fall detectors use three axis accelerometers, like those used in smartwatches and smartphones. Fall monitors can measure when the user has suddenly fallen by detecting the abrupt changes in body movement. It can even evaluate the user’s body position, physical activity, and the smoothness of the acceleration of movements. If it detects these variables are in the danger zone and a fall has occurred, it will automatically activate an emergency fall alert.

When the fall detector alarm automatically detects a fall, it will take the following actions:

  1.     The pendant detects the fall
  2.     The device begins calling the numbers you have registered until someone picks up
  3.     It will also text your registered numbers with a link to Google Maps, showing the user’s location
  4.     The user can talk to whoever picked up through the device.

How Accurate is a Fall Detector?

Medi Alarm fall detectors utilise location tracking and GPS to display the location of the wearer on a map. This is texted to your registered numbers with a location accuracy of 2.5 meters. It will work anywhere there is GPS signal and 4G or 3G coverage. This makes automatic fall detectors of elderly patients invaluable.

Does Fall Detection Work Without Cellular?

Medical alert devices with automatic fall detection, like those from Medialarm, don’t need WIFI or NBN to work. It is a standalone device with its own SIM card. It does not rely on any other device, NBN or network. Think of it like a mobile phone in that it uses a SIM card (which is already included) and uses the mobile network. This means it will work anywhere that is covered by the mobile network. This is true for both the Medi Alarm PRO 4G and the Medi Alarm 3G. Medi Alarm includes a mobile SIM card with $45 credit free of charge for the first year. This is more than enough to last you’re 12 months, as it is reserved for emergencies only. After the first year, your initial credit will expire and you will need to top up your device’s credit.

This does also mean your listed contacts can call you and the pendant will answer automatically. This will be charged like a standard mobile phone call, however. This is why we don’t recommend dialing out unless it is an emergency as this will use up your credit. If you want to use the speed dial feature, you just press the top yellow button on the right side of the pendant. You can then scroll through the list and choose who you would like to call.

Medi Alarm is also not a monitoring service. The device will call your contacts directly. You can also list 000 on your device if you wish. It is also important that you work out an emergency plan with your listed contacts so that they can call 000 on your behalf, if necessary. This saves you the high fees of a monitoring service and gives you the freedom of not being locked into a contract.


Medi Alarm Pro 4G vs Other Personal Tracking Devices

There are a number of personal devices on sale now and as technology improves, so do the devices. However, which is the right one for you? Below we are going to discuss the different personal watches and devices on the market and how they compare to Medi Alarm!

Fitbit vs Medi Alarm Pro 4G Fall Detector Alarm

The Fitbit is a fantastic, personal fitness device. It helps you track your sleep, health, and fitness while encouraging you to do and move more. And for the elderly, exercise is important. A recent study showed that those between 70 and 89 who walked daily were 28% less likely to become disabled. As well as this, it was found that 18% were less likely to have episodes of physical disability. It also found that Fitbit fitness trackers are a great way for people of all ages to track results, achieve goals, and connect with other users around the world.

Fitbit devices have a range of uses from tracking steps, distance walked, and calories burned, to the number of floors of stairs climbed, sleep patterns, and tracking heart rate. Many versions also allow calling and caller ID.

Fitbit is fantastic for encouraging exercise, but it does not provide the medical alert safety measures of Medi Alarm. This is why we recommend pairing your Fitbit device with Medi Alarm so that your loved one is always protected when out and about. This way they are getting important exercise while being protected in the event of a fall or emergency.

Medi Alarm Pro 4G vs Apple Watch Fall Detector Alarm

Apple watches are more popular than ever and it is easy to see why. These small devices can do nearly everything a mobile phone can do and features some amazing health apps. They are ideal for both health and emergency uses for the elderly. These watches feature ECG apps, irregular rhythm notifications, heart rate monitors, easy communication, as well as emergency SOS and fall detection features. These are utilised by people of all ages and fitness ranges.

But while it has many advantages, the Apple Watch is not always a great option for the elderly or those with disabilities. The small screen can be difficult to use or see for those with limited mobility and vision. It also has a steep learning curve, that not all people can grasp. Medi Alarm, on the other hand, is an automatic device that begins the emergency process as soon as a fall is detected. This means there isn’t an issue of needing to reach a button or view a screen to get help.

Medi Alarm vs Android Watches Fall Detector Alarm

Like the Apple Watch, the Samsung/Android smartwatch features heart rate monitors and a fall detector. It also allows older people to download the SOS app, allowing them to quickly contact family or friends in an emergency. It also features a blood pressure monitor. However, like the Apple Watch, it has a small screen and steep learning curve that can make it difficult for the elderly or those with disabilities to utilise. This is why Medi Alarm works better for those who are a fall risk or used in conjunction with a fitness app. Further, like the Apple Watch, Android watches are extremely expensive, cost hundreds of dollars, while Medi Alarm is just a fraction of the cost!

Should I Turn on Fall Detection?

Medi Alarm devices already have automatic fall detection enabled as default. This is because their main purpose is to detect falls in the user. However, if you own an Apple Watch, the fall detection option is not on by default. Many people, of all ages, can benefit from turning on automatic fall detection in these devices. It can be helpful for those who are pregnant or have a disability, if they fall and need more help after a fall. The app is also prudent for those who are going hiking or walking in remote areas. If you fall and are hurt or stuck, it is easy to alert someone for help. For example, the Apple Watch offers an emergency screen with an alert and slider. You can either dismiss the alert by pressing the “I’m OK” button or let the watch automatically call for you. However, these devices often need a nearby paired smartphone in order to call, while Medi Alarm has its own SIM card and can call up to 8 contacts, including 000.


What is the Best Fall Detection Device?

Medi Alarm is the best automatic fall detector alarm on the market. It comes in a land-line, home only device, 3G device, and 4G Pro device. Unlike a bed sensor alarm, Medi Alarm devices are personal devices that come as pendants or wrist options that can detect a fall, even when out shopping.

The Medi Alarm with home base is a medical alert alarm, land-line based, home only device that allows you to call for help if you suffer a fall, can’t get up or find yourself in an emergency situation.

The 3G fall detector is a personal, mobile alarm. It is highly recommended as an elderly fall alarm. It is used as an aid to secure the independence of a patient while also providing your loved ones with peace of mind. You can take this alarm with you everywhere, similar to a prepaid mobile phone. However, it is more discreet and without the complications of a phone. When activated, using the 3G network, it will alert your loved ones that you need help.

Medi Alarm Pro 4G is a 4G network personal fall detector that works much like the 3G device. It allows the wearer to be independent while providing family with peace of mind. This alarm can go anywhere with you, to alert if you have a fall, no matter where you are. It is similar to a prepaid mobile phone but is more discreet and without the complications. When activated, using the 4G mobile network, it will alert your loved ones that you need help. If you drop out of 4G and into a 3G zone, this alarm will still work.

Can I Get a Medi Alarm Pro 4G For Free?

A fall alarm pendant is fantastic to allow our loved one’s freedom and independence while providing peace of mind. The Medi Alarm Pro 4G pendant is not free but we do offer a mobile SIM card with $45 credit, free of charge for the first year. This is more than enough for a fall detector for the elderly for 12 months. This is because the pendant is for emergencies only. While it can make calls out and receive calls using your list of registered numbers, this will be charged at a standard mobile call.

After the first year, your initial credit will expire and you will need to top up the device credit yourself.

You may be eligible for a free Medialarm under the NDIS, as Medialarm is a registered NDIS provider. If you are an NDIS member, your plan manager will be able to provide further information on your funding pack and assist you to buy a Medialarm using that funding.

Looking for the best fall detector alarm on the market? Explore the Medi Alarm range today or contact us for more information. Enjoy peace of mind with Medi Alarm!

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